出入境警官核查Police call me to verify my visa application? What should I do?

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Recently, VisaInChina received several similar questions from our audience: 

“I received a phone call from Entry & Exit officer, they request an extra interview to verify my visa application. Why is that? What should I do?”

Ok, Following Q&A is some experience we would like to share with you, the foreign employee or the company HR, who might face the same problem in the future, and hope it helps you.

Entry & Exit bureau verify your application or reject your visa under which laws/regulations?

A: <Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners> 

Source (copy&paste following link into your browser to check): 


Article 20 - The exit and entry administration authority of the public security organ may verify the purpose of application through such means as interview, telephone inquiry and on-the-spot investigation, and the applicant as well as the entity or individual that has provided the letter of invitation or certification documents shall cooperate.

Article 21 - In one of the following circumstances, the exit and entry administration authority of the public security organ shall not approve the application for extension, change or reissuance of a visa or residence permit, or the application for a stay permit, submitted by a foreigner:

  1. The applicant fails to provide material supporting his or her application in accordance with relevant provisions;

  2. The applicant has knowingly falsified information in the application process;

  3. The applicant is not eligible for staying or residing in China due to violation of relevant Chinese laws or administrative regulations; or

  4. Other circumstances where it is not appropriate to approve the applicant’s application for extension, change or reissuance of a visa or residence permit, or for issuance of a stay permit.

Why it's not happen before? Are these laws/regulations changed or updated recently?

A: No, above regulations take effective since 1st September, 2013. It’s no changes or update since then. We can only say, the Entry & Exit bureau enforce those regulations much stricter than before.

What should I do if I receive the phone call from immigration officer to verify my visa application?

A: Based on above Article 20, you or your employer shall cooperate, and provide the documents upon immigration officer request. Please take this verification seriously and provide document in detail as much as possible.

Which documents might immigration officer ask for during the verification?

A: Based on VisaInChina’s experience, including parts or all of following documents:

  1. Company profile (for example, what’s the company business, and how many employees work in the company, etc.)

  2. Company office space rental contract

  3. Company income tax receipt for the past 12 month

  4. Personal income tax receipt for the past 12 month

  5. Client’s contracts and Invoices (Fapiao) which you issued to those clients

  6. Company bank account cash flow statement

  7. Personal bank account cash flow statement

Which kind of situation might cause the rejection of the visa? Any suggestion?

A: Including but not limited to following situations:

1. When the immigration officer try to contact you or your employer to do the verification, but can’t get through at all.

The immigration officer will try to call you or your company contact person to do the verification. Sometimes, they will also go directly your office space to check. So if there is no one in the office and all the contact number can’t get through, then it will cause rejection.

VisaInChina Suggestion: Please make sure you provide the correct information (office address, contact number etc.) to the Entry & Exit bureau when you file your application. After you submitted your application, please make sure you or your company contact person will receive the phone call and txt message. Better you can work in your office space every day until your application get approved.

2. You have the work permit and work visa under company A, but your income tax is paid by company B.

Sometimes, your boss owned several different companies, at beginning, you applied the work permit and work visa through company A. But for some reason, your boss declared your salary through company B. 

VisaInChina Suggestion: You are only allowed to work for the company who applied your work permit and visa. If your payroll is in a different company, please ask your employer change it right away.

3. Your actual job needs special permit or license, but your employer don’t have that.

In China, for foreigners, some jobs require special permit or license. For example, Teacher, Model, Singer, Performer etc. But your employer don’t have that, they might apply you as a general job position, like sales manager, marketing manager etc. That’s totally illegal.

VisaInChina Suggestion: Find a right employer please!

4. Company has no income or very little income during the past 12 month.

If it’s a new established company, it’s reasonable, the immigration officer might give you 3 month work visa at beginning and then verify again after 3 month when you file your next extension.

If it’s an old company, then it might cause rejection directly.

VisaInChina Suggestion: 

If you setup a company just for the visa, that’s not a legal way. We don’t suggest!

If your company has good income, but for some reason, you can’t provide official cash flow statement (client wire the payment to your personal account) or Chinese Fapiaos (international clients don’t request it). Then you need to adjust your way of managing the company. That’s not difficult to Issue Fapiaos and ask clients pay directly to your company bank account. Please don’t put yourself into a risky situation.

5. False materials are provided during the work permit or residence permit application.

For example, you provide a reference letter to prove you have 2 years working experience aboard, but you hold a student visa and stay in China all the time during that period. When the officer asked for further evidence, you are unable to provide it.

VisaInChina Suggestion: Please DO NOT cheat in your application. If you don’t have those 2 years work experience, you can try another category. There are so many categories of work permit. For more details, please check: 

<< All criteria of China work permit >>

When I applied my work permit renewal, I provide all documents including office rental contract, company income tax receipt and all the invoices issue to the clients, why the immigration officer ask them again during the visa application verification?

A: Because it’s 2 different government authorities. And it only happens to the shareholder’s application. Because you are responsible of the company, when you apply the work permit (the blue card) renewal, the foreign expert bureau will also verify your company running status as well. When the immigration officer would like to verify your company status again during your work visa application. Please be patient and cooperate.








第二十条 公安机关出入境管理机构可以通过面谈、电话询问、实地调查等方式核实申请事由的真实性,申请人以及出具邀请函件、证明材料的单位或者个人应当予以配合。

第二十一条 公安机关出入境管理机构对有下列情形之一的外国人,不予批准签证和居留证件的延期、换发、补发,不予签发停留证件:

(一) 不能按照规定提供申请材料的;

(二) 在申请过程中弄虚作假的;

(三) 违反中国有关法律、行政法规规定,不适合在中国境内停留居留的;

(四) 不宜批准签证和居留证件的延期、换发、补发或者签发停留证件的其他情形。